Mushy Peas and Musings

The past few weeks have been anything but the easiest, and I’m thankful for rare pockets of time to seek solace in the kitchen, scour the internet for food(porn), food videos, read up on food news. To remind myself why I fell in love with the things I do, with the industry I work in. And today I came across a gem of an article, in particular this paragraph which really got me thinking:

Seek out what magnifies your spirit…Who are the people, ideas and books that magnify your spirit? Find them, hold on to them, and visit them often. Use them not only as a remedy once spiritual malaise has already infected your vitality but as a vaccine administered while you are healthy to protect your radiance.”

People always say that Generation Y “strawberry” (what a hilariously fallacious label, lol) softies like myself place too much emphasis on ‘job fulfilment’ instead of ‘career stability’, get their hopes up too high, and end up feeling really unhappy when reality doesn’t correspond with their expectations. That we feel super ‘entitled’, and strongly believe we’re poised for success and superior and more special than our peers. Well, the truth is, we only live once, and there’s no point constantly bemoaning our life situations whilst not doing anything about it. Nobody’s getting younger, and time is always a scarcity – if we don’t feed our spirit and add oil to our passions, we’re just going to live in an abscess of regret and poverty of spirit.

I just pray and hope that the rest of my twenties will be wildly inspired and that my passions will mature and grow, and be largely resistant to negativity and fatigue.

WHAT A DEPRESSING START TO A BLOGPOST ABOUT FOOD. I now permit you to exit this page and never return. Go. GO!!!

Meanwhile in happy food land buzzing with unicorns and rainbows~ ~ ~ ~ Going a little English today with Mushy Peas on toast! I love peas, and I can eat TONS of them, so mushy peas save a bit of chewing and annoying rolling around the plate and gets them peas into my tummy ASAP. With amazing flavour to boot. My parents were lucky – as a child I was hardly ever picky about food. I ate anything and everything (explains my grossly overweight prepubescent self), and never understood why kids who painstakingly picked out anything green from their meals and “pea pushers” existed. Peas are wonderfully mushy, sweet and have great texture and bite! Frozen peas are a lifesaver in the kitchen – you can whip them up into a side dish, add colour to a boring stew, mash them up as a beautiful partner to fish and chips – best of all, they stay ‘fresh’ for months! I ALWAYS ALWAYS keep a packet of them in the freezer.

Mushy Peas with Lemon & Dill

Mushy Peas with Lemon & Dill

Here’s how to fancy schmancy up your weekend brunch with amateur cooking skills and a tight budget. Dice up 2 cloves of garlic, saute in a pan on medium heat with a generous tablespoon of butter. Throw in as many frozen peas as you can grab with your bare hands without getting frostbite…I’m kidding, approximately 1.5 cups. Lightly fry them until peas thaw and become tender. Add about 1/4 cup of water, and start mashing everything together. Season to taste. Mix in a hit of lemon juice, then spread on crusty toasted bread (I’d recommend focaccia!) and top with fresh dill and a soft-boiled egg. Then take a picture with some fancypants camera and show off on Instagram. YUM.

Don't you just love eggs. EGGPORN.

Don’t you just love eggs. EGGPORN.

Hopefully this dish changes your perspective on peas – they’re kinda mushy, easily squashed, not immediately likeable, but have the potential to be transformed into something pretty phenomenal. As with Gen Y softies, I’d hope.

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